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jersey governor chris christie a commanding lead in his re-election bid. voters make their choice tomorrow. but this morning, there is also talk of christie's future, along with the woman he could face in a 2016 presidential bid, former secretary of state hillary clinton. jan crawford is in washington. good morning to you. >> good morning margaret and charlie. it's too soon to call them front-runners early on but the buzz around clinton and christie is undeniable. mitt romney considered chris christie to be his running mate in 2012 and on sunday he had lots of praise. >> chris could easily become our nominee and save our party and help get this nation on the right track again. >> but a romney-christie ticket never materialized because of what romney's team found vetting the governor. according to "doubling down" christie's background check raised red flags about the man they code named pufferfish including questions about his travel expenses when he was a u.s. attorney his health and weight, and his brother's admission of securities fraud. they dug up so muc
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on friday that lays all that out for the people of new jersey in the run-up to the election. they've also seen me do the job for the last four years. i don't think they're concerned that i can't. as my doctor noted in the report my weight loss has been good and steady. i feel good. and, you know, we're just going to continue on the program. >> governor, good to see you. thanks for join us. we're thinking about everybody in new jersey and new york that's been affected still by superstorm sandy. thank you. >> norah, thank you. charlie, thank you for having us on this morning. >>> outrage over nearly 12 hours of delays on an airlines. they faced a day of frustrations at oakland's airport. mark kelly of our san francisco station wpix looks at what went wrong. >> reporter: allegiant air's twice weekly flight from oakland to provo, utah is usually a quick 90 minute but at 9:30 monday morning, shortly after flight 1032 pushed back from the gate a cable controlling the front landing gear snapped. >> allegiant 1032 are you just going to push back into the gate? >> yes, ma'am. >> r
't matter for him. he's not up for re-election, but the worry is the democrats who are up. >> and i was stunned that the majority of the americans no longer say they belong to either party. people are more independent. that's new. thank you. >>> and a new report says nsa is mon tring more. the "washington post" says the agency tapped into cables of data centers around the world. that's according to secret documents from edward snowden. meanwhile they're rejecting allegations that they spied on the vatican. officials say the story from an italian magazine says that's not true. >>> the boston red sox are world choips. last night they beat st. louis 6-1. here's the scene at fenway park. it's given the city a much needed boost. mark phillips is in the city. good morning, mark. >> what an inning. the crowd in here stood up and got louder weight for the magical moment. the triumph of perseverance. >> the red sox are the world series. >> reporter: bed lamb in boston. thousands of fans poured into the streets to celebrate the world series championship. ite tess first tim
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)